NBMounts FC40-2A Twin Monitor Sit Stand Station Black

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FC40-2A dual screen desktop mount is a sit-stand workstation.

An ideal way to enhance and improve your quality of work and life and avoid sedentary position for long periods of time. With the aid of gas-strut, enables you to interact with monitors by swinging them left, right, lift up and down with full range of motion to provide unsurpassed ergonomic comfort

The new sleek and elegant design, combined with dual hinge bow, tilt angles from +9 to-12° works with 22” to 27” monitors to offer best vision during your work

Durable polished aluminum construction creates a stable and fully adjustable side-by-side configuration that lifts both monitors up to where you feel comfortable most at work

FC40-2A can be installed either at desk edge opposite to you or grommet on desk area. Comes with 180 degrees broad swivel designed to facilitate the showing and sharing of information with your nearby colleagues either in landscape position mode or portrait mode

Extension/retraction motion integrated with broad swivel angles allows you to push the arm out of the way when you need your desk surface and keep your space neat and clean

FC40-2A sit-stand dual screen workstation is suitable and ideal for constraint spaces and corners at home or office. Modular design and neat cable management makes installation simple, easy and in perfect!