NBMounts BT15 Sit Stand Workstation Black

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The BT15 integrated sit stand workstation is another newest ergonomics product designed and produced by NB. Design focusing for those who works on laptop computer at home and work place which intended to  make healthy movement, collaboration with peers and future well-being. This fully constructed in aluminum alloy and steel base materials with a large laptop desk provides you with a stable and sturdy laptop workstation.BT15 is a desktop placed designed workstation which allows you to place it on any existing fixed-height desk and convert your long sitting working posture into an active sit-stand workstation instantly.Design in mechanical counter balance pulley system, it is effortless to set your working desk height with just a push or pull. The maximum weight capacity is 24.2 lbs (11kg) suitable for all the laptop computers in the market. Standing and working on proper ergonomic desk height will benefits to our eye, arms, back and neck and reduce fatigue.BT15 coated smoothly in black and white with a very nice aesthetics look, internal cable management hides cord clutter neatly.Its effortless functionality encourages users to be active and integrate movement into their days. Continue doing that at workplace and home will enhance your wellness, increase energy level and improve productivity.