NBMounts FC55 Sit Stand Station With Foldable Tray


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The NB FC55 is an Ergonomic Interactive Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation that allows you to convert your tabletop into a healthy working desk

FC55 is attached to the opposite end of a desk edge with a clamp. It comes with VESA bracket for mounting any display from 24” to 35”

FC55 lets you swing your display left, right, up and down with full range of motion providing unsurpassed ergonomic comfort, enhancing your health and improving productivity both at home and office

The height-adjustable display and keyboard moves easily and simultaneously lift for proper height, allowing you to easily sit down or stand up on demand

The extendable and foldable keyboard allows you to push the arm out of the way when you need your desk surface and space

Built in durable gas-strut cylinder, aluminum alloy and steel constructed for long lasting with cable management routing under the arm.

What’s more product comes with 2 integrated USB interface adaptors for charging your ipad or handphones on demand and gadget box for key pouch and other cool items

FC55 sit-stand workstation is suitable for constraint spaces and corners at home or offices. Modular design makes installation simple and easy!