Adastra A8 Quad Stereo Amplfier 8x200W 953.408UK

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Multi-zone amplifier with 2 microphone inputs and a switchable stereo input for each zone. An inbuilt media player section offers playback of mp3 audio tracks from USB drive or SD card and also has a B/T wireless receiver and FM radio tuner. A rotary switch for each output zone selects the stereo playback audio from a choice of 2 rear stereo inputs, a front 3.5mm stereo input or the built-in media player. Mic inputs 1 and 2 are live to all output zones at all times. Speakers are connected from the rear panel Euroblock terminals to deliver up to 200W per output at 4 Ohms. Designed for installations requiring high quality stereo sound in multiple rooms or listening areas.

  • Four¬†independent stereo outputs
  • Media player with USB/SD playback
  • FM radio tuner with external aerial connection
  • B/T wireless receiver

The box for this item contains :

  • M-series multi-stereo amplifier
  • I.R. remote control (media player)
  • IEC power lead(s)