Artsound SMART HYDE Multiroom Amplifier 100W BT-USB-WiFi-LAN-Airplay-Optical

329,00 inc VAT

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This SMART HYDE is an easy to conceal Multiroom Audio Amplifier. Small as it is, the world it gives you access to is enormous, via Spotify, BT, Airplay … Do you have any other devices in the house? No problem, that's what the AUX-in is for.

It owes its powerful and cool sound to its digital amplifier. No wonder you want more than one of these in your home. You put them all in one network and operate them from your couch with your tablet or smartphone.

A compact multi-amplifier, your window to the world, a party animal when it’s allowed; it's hard to fathom how this SMART HYDE has it all.