Unitek Y-3027 TypeC USB3.1 SATA6G Dual Bay Aluminium HDD Docking Station


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Usually, we have to install SSD/HDD to a computer directly to make it works as usual. However, it’s cumbersome to carry and easily damage (HDD/SSD) if we plug in and out frequently.

UNITEK Y-3027 is here to provide a brilliant solution for this problem. Y-3027is compliant with USB3.1, a Type-C upstream port which is fully reversible. It supports all 2.5” and 3.5” SATA I, II, and III HDD and SSD up to any capacity.

The 2 bays allow you to work with 2 hard disks at the same time. With the integrated offline clone function, you can easily clone your Disk A to Disk B just simply press the clone button. In additional,you can do it (clone function) without connecting to your computer.

It is stylish, lightweight and its compact portable and multi-function design makes it ideal for work or entertainment situation and use as an efficient and versatile solution for external hard disk management.