Techlink iWiresPRO 8K HDMI Certified Cable 1.8m 711818

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Introducing the Techlink iWires PRO 8K HDMI ULTRA Certified Cable, nickel-plated HDMI connector, PP yarn braided jacket, 144 strand aluminium shielding layer, coverage rate up to 95% in line with the association's EMI -6db standard, supports 4K@120HZ, 8K@60HZ resolution.

  • Techlink branded aluminium alloy housing
  • Nickel plated connector
  • OFC High Purity Copper Conductor
  • Nylon braided cable jacket
  • Resolution 8K@60HZ
  • 48Gbps bandwidth
  • ULTRA Certified Cable
  • Compliant with EMI -6db standard