Orico Stand Laptop Cooling Pad with 2 fans NA15


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  • Made of aluminum the same as Mac products, ORICO NA15 whose thickness is 2mm ± 0.15mm, adopts anodic oxidation, having the effect of anti-oxidizing and wearproof.
  • Adjust the position of fans by yourself to focus on reducing heat. 
  • Double 80mm modular mute fans; 2000 ±10% rpm ventilation cooling; refrigerating efficiency gets improved doubly, quick cool-down.
  • Borrow a USB port return another one without occupying USB port, making the most of USB ports.
  • Thanks to the innovative fluid bearing technology, the sound of radiator is just little more loud than breathing, bringing quiet environment for work and life.
  • ORICO NA15 whose dimension is 330*206*42mm, can work with 15 inch or below laptops, which is easy to carry on a trip or business due to its compact design.