Opton Fiber Pigtail Easy Flex SC/APC SM Simplex 40.0m

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Easy Flex fiber optic pigtail, simplex, equipped with SC / APC connector. It has G657.B3 fiber distinguished by very high bending resistance. The cable can be wrapped around objects, routed along walls and corners, and even knoted. Not only will the fiber not break, it will continue to function with a slight loss of around 0.1dB.
The offered product is a perfect solution for FTTH networks. it is ideal for use inside the subscriber's apartment, its routing is not a problem, the cable can be freely bent. The pigtail will work in places where it is impossible to carry out a ready-made patchcord with the ends earned from both sides.

  • SC / APC connector
  • single mode
  • simplex
  • length 40 m
  • G657.B3 fiber
  • extreme bending resistance
  • low bending radius