NBMounts F27 Long Arm Twin Monitor Mount Black

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F27 is another unique ergonomic interactive dual desktop mounting product from NB designed to improve the efficiency of your work and enjoy your gaming fun. The built-in die-cast aluminum alloy with ultra-precision gas cylinder provides the viewer with maximum ergonomic comfort to relieve tension in the eyes, back and neck and reduces the load in the workplace and enjoy your entertainment in home

The F27 dual screen monitor arm offers a new level of flexibility to relocate your screens: lift, slide down, forward and backward range of motion with just one touch. Fits most screen sizes from 22 “to 27” with a maximum load of 6 – 12 kg

With the help of the friction pivot design and the positioning handle, the F27 allows you to lift, turn, retract and extend up to 628mm as desired. It comes with a thin” A “shaped design, F27 definitely saves more desk space when you actually press the monitor arm assembly against your wall.

Cable management routes the cables under the arm, reflecting your unique, clean and tidy workspace, and the 2 USB interfaces built into the lower arm are means for connecting great elements.

The F27 can be installed on your desk with either “C” clamps on the edge of the desk or using the eyelet opening of your desk. This dynamic monitor stand is suitable and ideally adapts to restricted space in the home or offices, improves well-being and maximizes ergonomic comfort.