NBMounts F100A Ergonomic Extra Long Sit & Stand Monitor Mount Black

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  • Highly and ultra-flexible movement to reposition with just a touch
  • Built in durable and everlasting mechanical spring for upright movement.
  • Longer extension and retraction arm to gain higher upright traveling distance 
  • 360° swivel arms and 360° interface rotation with tilt angle for anti-glare
  • Cable management feature conceals and routes cables under arm
  • Maximum ergonomic comfort to relieve eye, neck and back strain. 
  • Promoting wellness and productivities in daily routine and home entertainment.
  • Improvise sit-stand work-station and no expensive height-adjustable tables or chairs required.
  • Designed in both edge clamped and grommet mounting, it isimple and easy to install, effortless operation.
  • Casted aluminum alloy with finest polished and chromed surface or coated black