N-Gear FLASH BANGER 777 Portable karaoke Speaker With Two Microphones

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  • Powerful 8” subwoofer supported by a full-range bright tweeter
  • Sing together: Swing away with the wireless microphone and be supported with the additionally supplied microphone from N-gear up to 5 meter
  • Set up the speakers :The EQ button allows you to choose the mode that best suits THE PARTY.
  • FESTIVE LED SHOW :The LED-RING spins and spins around with surprising colors and makes it striking.
  • Tablet holder : At the top of the speaker, it is possible to place a tablet or telephone.This makes karaoke or watching a movie extra fun and easy.
  • Control the sound and echo: Fully operable top, adjust the music to the moment ,DJ style sliding volume control. 
  • ADD ANOTHER FLASHBANGER: Let two play together with TWS functionality.
  • Built-in battery:The included charging cable allows you to use almost any USB port for charging.
  • Bass port:The back of the speaker is equipped with a bass port, so the speaker offers even more sound for your banger and flashy hits!