Level1 WAN-4232 5GHz 23dBi Directional Outdoor Panel Antenna

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LevelOne WAN-4232 outdoor panel antenna kit provides a very high 23dBi gain for existing 802.11a wireless long-range directional applications in the full range frequency band between 5.150Ghz to 5.875Ghz..The tight beamwidths and good front to back spec fficiently minimized interference in the microwave link.


This antenna is especially suitable for outdoor pointto-point wireless link applications and point-tomultipoint  multipoint systgems such as LevelOne WAB-7000 and to be used in installations where high performance are key factors. All metal parts DC grounded for noise reduction and lightning protection. The radome is manufactured from a special UV-stablized plastic to reduce the effects of solar radiation. The enclosed waterproof surface keeps the antenna workable in any rogue environment.


 WAN-4232 can also work with other wireless devices, which comply with IEEE802.11a standard and are equipped with an N male connector.