Lanberg NT-0401 Network Cable Tester

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Lanberg’s network cable tester is a multifunctional device for testing cables of ICT networks. The device is an indispensable tool for every installer and significantly helps to save time in verifying network wire pairs. Product’s main application is to measure the continuity of LAN cabling and verification of connections along with the detection of possible problems with cabling, such as short-circuits or incorrect pairings of wire.
With the help of this tool you can test connections of telephone wires terminated with RJ-11 connector and UTP, FTP, SFTP stranded cable terminated with RJ-45 plugs or wires terminated with coaxial plug. This particular device consists of two parts, which each of them should be fixed correctly at the ends of the tested cable:

  • Detection of incorrect connections
  • Detection of short circuits and breaks in wiring
  • Detection of junction of cable pairs
  • Detection of reversal of cable pairs