Lanberg NT-0001 Insertion Punch Down Tool


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Lanberg’s insertion tool (also known as punch tool) for Krone IDC 110 connectors and LSA connections is used for crimping/terminating network cables in accordance with LSA technology, used in practice, to perform the cable terminations for the purposes of flush and surface mount data boxes, ICT surface boxes, patch panels and many other devices dedicated mainly for telecommunication installations.

The device is ideally suited for LSA sockets used in xDSL and ISDN networks, as well as, for the cables with LSA connectors and blocks of telephone connector panels.
Due to the fact, that a single wire cannot be in insulation, the LSA technique of stripping the insulation eliminates this particular problem, which translates to the practical use of this product.
NT-0001 has a spring that ensures proper tightening of the wire veins to the contact, a hook for pulling out the veins, along with the element to remove the connector from the socket and shears to cut off the excess cable (equipped with a blockade and impact force regulator) – the depth of pressing the wire into the connector.
With the use of Lanberg’s insertion tool (aka LSA Punch tool) the proper cable preparations will become much simpler and the crimping process itself will significantly reduce the time, as compared the manual trials or some other methods.

  • In accordance with EIA/TIA 568 B standards
  • Allows connection of cables with a diameter of: 0.35mm ~ 0.9mm and 0.7mm – 2.6mm
  • Color: white