Lanberg NC-0300-WIE 300Mbps USB Wi-Fi Adapter


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Lanberg’ N300 USB 2.0 wireless network interface card (NIC) provides a stable Wi-Fi connection to all devices operating in the 802.11 b/g/n standard, including routers, access points and repeaters. External antenna enables the greater transmission range than nano/mini variant of this network card.
The device has been designed to work with transmitting devices in close optical proximity.
Compact dimensions allow for comfortable work with mobile devices, and in addition, the detachable external antenna increases coverage, speed and stability of transmission so that the NIC card can be used in stationary network solutions.
Users receive up to 300 Mb/s of network transmission speed. This allows you to conveniently browse online content, send E-mails, share files, have online conversations, or even sustain basic audio-video broadcasts such as streaming etc.

  • Multi-antenna transmission (MIMO) increases connection speed compared to conventional methods
  • External detachable antenna increasing the performace and stability of Wi-Fi
  • Design enabling the replacement of the antenna for a model with greater energy gain
  • Easy to install and configure with drivers provided on CD
  • WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption support