CyberPower RELAYIO500 Relay Control Card

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CyberPower RELAYIO500 is an optional management add-on to specific CyberPower UPS series. After inserting the card into the expansion port on the UPS, the card can execute multiple alerts whenever power issues occur, including UPS failures, overloads, over temperature etc. In addition, the card provides one input contact for remote UPS shutdown in battery mode.

Featuring a dry contact interface, the card is able to provide ON/OFF control of connected devices, such as triggering emergency alarms, exit lights, generators, and more. With its hot-swappable design, the UPS can remain ON while installing this product.

  • Dry Contact Relay
  • UPS Status Monitoring
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Serial DB9 Interface Port
  • Plug-and-play Installation