CasaTunes CT-6X6MA Matrix Amplifier 6 Sources X 6 Zones 50W per room

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Amplifier outputs

  • 6 x 50W stereo outputs at @ 8 Ohms
  • 6 stereo preamplifier outputs for powered subwoofer and secondary power amplifiers
  • Bridgeable channels for more power
  • Expandable to 32 rooms. Each additional unit supports 6 more rooms

Input Sources

  • 6 source inputs (5 x analog + 1 x analog or digital)
  • 6 IR emitters, one for each input source
  • 1 Common IR emitter for all sources

Triggers Outputs

  • 6 trigger outputs. Enables +12V trigger when corresponding room is powered on
  • Common trigger out. Enables +12V when any room on this unit is powered on

Advanced Features

  • Configure the balance, bass and treble settings for each room
  • +12V Page In Trigger powers and switches all zones to Input Source 1. For even more flexibility consider using the CasaTunes music server custom chimes capabilities.
  • +12V Mute In Trigger mutes all zones
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) switch adjusts the gain on all input sources so the volume levels are similar

Front Panel LEDs

  • Room On/Standby LEDs: Indicates whether a room is on or in standby mode
  • Peak LEDs: Indicates when the input level of the connected source is too high


  • 6 keypads (and one keypad hub) included
  • 1 remote control included
  • 115/230V Voltage Selector Switch (with fuse)
  • Programmable control via RS-232
  • Rack ears included
  • Expansion cable for linking to another unit is included