Adastra BPA Active 12V IP54 Weatherproof Speaker 952.824UK

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Active version of the BP-series weatherproof wall-mounted speakers with an internal amplifier and hard-wired 4-core cable for signal and power input. Each speaker can be driven by any 12Vdc power supply with 2A or more current capacity (e.g. 153.754UK) and accepts a mono line level signal input. A suitable alternative to active horn speakers where sound quality is paramount. These speakers can be operated in indoor or sheltered outdoor areas, thanks to the water-resistant polypropylene drivers and sealed cabinets. Designed for CCTV installations, simple background music systems or to extend an existing sound installation without adding further amplifiers.

  • Requires 12Vdc 2A+ power supply
  • IP54 for sheltered outdoor use
  • 4-core hard-wired cable for power and signal input
  • Inbuilt amplifier
  • Wall mounting bracket included

The box for this item contains :

  • BPA-series active wall speaker
  • Wall bracket and screw caps